A security alarm system is intended to detect intrusion into a building or other locations, such as unwanted access, and is a great method to keep crooks at bay and safeguard your home or your business property from natural disasters. When a threat to your business or home arises, the alarm system alerts you so that you can mitigate the damage or take urgent action.

When it comes to security alarm systems, there are several factors to consider, including how the security system may assist you and your family. Some of the benefits of a security alarm system are listed here. Such as constant protection, a strong deterrent, there is no need to charge or replace the battery on a regular basis with uninterrupted performance, and it is easy to relocate both, wireless as well as wired alarm security systems.

Bosch is one of the most well-known security brands in Australia and around the world. Thousands of Australian households and businesses use Bosch alarms due to their ease of use and dependability. We are a Bosch security-certified partner. Bosch alarms are the best of the best, with excellent performance and adaptability. Such as excellent battery life since your camera will run for a long time without needing to be plugged in, easy to move from one place to another place, and Installation that is quick, safe, and cost-effective. 

Our most popular alarm packages are the Bosch Solution 2000, 3000, and 6000. The Solution 2000/3000 is suitable for residential and commercial purposes incorporating touchscreens and the Remote Security Plus App as control choices. Solution 6000 is integrated access and alarm system that can accommodate up to 144 zones and is ideal for commercial and large-scale residential applications.

Furthermore, Bosch offers motion sensors with Pet-Immunity for both the Hard-wired and Wireless Alarm Systems. The Bosch 2000 Pet-Friendly Alarm system is available in hard-wired Tritech detectors. Bosch 3000 and 6000 alarm systems offer both wired and wireless Pet-friendly detectors. Wireless keyfobs that enable you to arm and disarm your system. This helps you to ensure that the site has been appropriately protected when your children or staff leave.

Also, the Solution 2000 and 3000 control panels come with a number of keypad alternatives, including LCD Icon, LCD Alphanumeric, and touchscreen options that are easy to use. Moreover, Remote Security Control is a feature of the Bosch solution that allows you to control your security system from your iOS or Android mobile device over the Internet or a local wireless network. 

Introducing Hikvision Ax Pro Series Wireless Alarm System

At Hikvision, we believe that innovation results in products that can do more while becoming simpler to use. The AX PRO System is the perfect example – it’s an incredible new design that combines the powerful and reliable security systems of the past with the simplicity of tomorrow’s best technology.


AX PRO is both conventional and revolutionary, with proven wireless stability, a wide range of world-class products, and ease-of-use for both installers and end users. Simple setup, powerful protection – whether it’s for a business-owner’s property or a home-owner’s loved ones – bringing peace of mind every day, all day.

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Back to Base Monitoring

Comercial Buildings

Home Security

Hard Wired Security

Mobile Connectivity

Multi Area/User alarm Systems

Motion Detection

Wireless Devices

CCTV Systems

Smoke Detection

Access Control

Back to Base Monitoring

Spy Vision Australia offers back to base monitoring for all security systems including existing for newly implemented commercial and residential alarm systems. back to base monitoring is essential need if your business already a victim of crime or your business handle valuable goods. knowing that someone watching over your business 24 hours a day is really a peace of mind. with direct wireless alarm monitoring  you will be informed instantly by our Team. 

Tracking Systems

commercial properties have more visitors/staff than residential properties and keeping a record of personal entered your premises helps you to prevent crimes. Spy vision Australia has direct wireless alarm monitoring systems dedicated for commercial properties that allows you to watch and monitor your staff and record who enters/exit your premises.

Is the alarm system capable of Arm/Disarm directly from your Mobile Phone?

Not all businesses require same functions or system. we understand what’s the best solution you need for your Business/Residential Property. Our Experienced Team members with expertise over +10 years are happy to provide you with cost effective complete security package. Spy Vision Australia is an Authorised Reseller directly from Australian Stock and We guarantee the quality of products we offer.

Bosch Solution creates a broad range of high quality security solutions for all industries. Whatever your security needs. With extensive experience, we are desired to offer latest and most suitable boasch security solution for your need.


Direct wireless Alarm monitoring Home Security connects you to your security system via any web-enabled computer or mobile device. No matter where you are, you have secure access to your premises, allowing you to monitor and control your security system, whether by viewing pictures or watching live video of your premises, or setting up a schedule to turn on the lights, at any time, day or night. Basically, Alarm monitoring gives you direct and immediate access to your security system, and in the case of a triggered sensor in your premises, an alarm signal is sent to you and, if needed, emergency services are alerted and will be on their way.

Direct wireless Alarm Monitoring and home security can be set up to meet every homeowner’s needs. Direct wireless alarm monitoring team will Contact you from a variety of devices such as your home control station, security system computer login, smart phone via email or texting, tablet, a keychain, or a phone call from a monitoring service. Notifications can be set up to include:

  • Multiple contact modes as backup (i.e. phone call and text message)
  • Triggered alarm
  • Cancelled alarm
  • Activity alerts, such as someone entering or leaving the premises
  • Open doors and windows
  • Power alerts such as power failure or low batteries
  • Log of events history to see what is happening in your premises

Who Benefits from Having Direct wireless alarm monitoring Security system 24/7

Anyone who wants their home and related activities accessible at all times. The specifics of 24/7 monitoring may be personalized to suit any premises, but may be especially useful to families:

  • Who are away from home for long periods of time
  • Own additional properties or structures, such as a vacation home or remote workshop or garage
  • Who want to monitor comings and goings of children, housekeepers or caretakers
  • Who want the ability to control household settings like temperature and lighting