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Upgrading the existing Analog CCTV camera system at Mulgrave Mc Donald’s as the aim of the project. The focus was to improve and advance their existing system with a cost-effective and reliable mechanism to better image quality DAHUA cameras.


For this project, our clients at the Mulgrave Mc Donald’s wanted to ensure a cost-effective and reliable CCTV camera system. This would not only improve image quality within a fast-paced work environment but also ensure the safety and security of all the products and staff working around the clock.


The client pointed out some areas of concern for the upgrade, which included high traffic areas such as the drive-through, kiosk, ordering, and outdoor, as well as the presenter bay. Other areas included the kitchen hot spots such as the grills, plates, coral, and freezer sections.


The team at Spy vision replaced the existing 32 analog cameras including some faulty cameras with Dahua HAC-HDW1500EMP-A cameras along with a Dahua XVR5432L recorder. The team worked collaboratively with the McDonald’s management to ensure the costs were low. This was done by using methods other than IP technology which meant using fewer resources such as new network of cables through the infrastructure of the fast-food joint.

The Outcome

The upgrade of the project was successfully completed. The installation of the above-mentioned HAC-HDW1500EMP-A cameras along with a Dahua XVR5432L recorder system allowed McDonald’s Mulgrave to be more profitable by reducing shrinkage. Alongside the benefits of improved (Dahua HAC-HDW1500EMP-A) camera quality, the management can safeguard and enjoy other benefits such as improved health and safety of their staff, increased customer satisfaction, efficient management investigation, and decision making when required. Subsequently, the management at McDonald’s Mulgrave may be able to increase their staff productivity and reduce losses with an improved Dahua camera system, increasing the overall quality of work within their environment. Positive feedback was also received by management, in particular, the system features such as remote login to any given camera and expressed their satisfaction with the viewing experience.

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