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Removal of the existing CCTV system and upgrade of cameras to high-definition Dahua 6MP IP cameras, (HDW3641TMP-AS) as part of the project. The focus is to improve heavy vehicle movements, including the Occupational Health and safety of the employees.


To be installed 88 High definition Dahua 6MP IP, (HDW3641TMP-AS) cameras inside and outside the factory. 80% of the Dahua 6MP IP, (HDW3641TMP-AS) cameras to be installed around the machines and to monitor loading and unloading of steel beams to ensure safe working practice. The rest of the Dahua 6MP IP, (HDW3641TMP-AS) cameras along with three Dahua NVR5432-4KS2 to be installed to monitor truck movement around the factory and inside the factory plus general security.


The previous cameras they had were low resolution and of inferior quality and could not get any detailed images. Access to the previous cameras was not available to the supervisors to monitor the floor. Management requested a dedicated Screen to be mounted in the dispatch and receiving office to monitor the cameras. Following a site survey and several customer meetings, we submitted a proposal and quotation for client review. Initially, Spy Vision provided the client with a location plan for the Dahua 6MP IP, (HDW3641TMP-AS) cameras along with a detailed plan of network architecture which includes three Dahua NVR5432-4KS2. Minor adjustments had to be made before the approval. After the usual compony induction Spy Vision requested to carry out the installation during the weekends to avoid interruption with their production. It took Spy Vision two consecutive weekends to complete the task and commissioned the complete CCTV system.

The Outcome

The Dahua CCTV upgrade process was very neat and was completed with no complications and minimal zero downtime to the production of the company. The reaction from all involved was incredibly positive and management was incredibly pleased with the new system which had improved much better quality compared to what they had before. Since then, they had managed to capture few workplace injuries and managed to liaise with WorkSafe to resolve the issues.

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