Nothing beats the confidence of knowing that you have your home covered every step of the way. There is a wide suite of hard-hitting security solutions which delivers unparalleled protection and response. Embrace the freedom to live your life with the utmost peace of mind.

Home Alarm System

Arm and Disarm alarm using your phone

The definition of any security system can found in its name. A system of integrated devices which works together to secure your home against potential intruders. Setting up these systems can gain more special moments and enjoyable times. You should be able to go beyond your life without worrying that your loved ones or assets may be compromised.

At present, new home alarm systems eliminate your security burden with 24/7 monitoring, 365 days of the year. There are a wide range of alarm systems in the market. Nowadays a typical home alarm system includes,

  • A high decibel alarm with a primary controller
  • Wired or wireless security camera
  • Mobile compatibility


Alarm system work on a simple concept of securing entry points of a home with sensors. They communicate with a primary controller installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home. In other words, sensors should install in easily accessible areas. i.e ground floor windows and doors.

The primary controller can arm and disarm the security system of the house while communicating with the installed components. However, if there’s a security zone breach the alarm will sound. On the other hand, it communicates with the licensed technician from the monitoring company to ensure optimum operation.

Present alarm systems facilitate with many features. Such as,

  • Key FOB’s to enable wireless remote access to arm and disarm the system using a mobile application
  • Different access codes for different people
  • Silent alarm ringing facility without notifying the intruder and etc.

Armed security system communicates through sensors to check any point of entry is secure. However, if the monitored door or window suddenly opens, the controller interprets that as a breach of a secured zone. After that, a high-decibel alarm sound in most instances.

Different types of sensors can be used to secure your home. For instance,

  • Proximity sensor
  • Virtual walls
  • CO2 detecting sensors
  • Smoke detector
  • Gas detector
  • Moist detector

Above all, motion sensors primarily act to secure your home from intruders. It creates an invisible zone that cannot breach without sounding an armed alarm. However, these sensors are typically used to secure areas, which contain valuable assets and areas less frequented in large homes. Visit Melbourne Fire Bridgage for more information.

CCTV – Surveillance Cameras

Certified Technicians installing CCTV CAMERAS

Surveillance cameras are available as wired and wireless configurations. These cameras can access remotely on computers or any smart device.

CCTV surveillance cameras have different focal lengths and apertures and come in varied options.

  • Shapes such as Bullet, Dome
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) – ability to control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely.
  • Night vision camera with Infrared (Black & White footage) and without Infrared (Coloured footage).

Moreover, these camera’s give access to watch the live feed of the arrival of children after school, any service personnel. Also, they can use to record a security breach which provides footage of a human invasion as well. Get information on the latest products:

How to secure your home: Video Door Bells

Speak to your guest from where ever you are.

A cheaper option which can use to sense people at your door, even before they ring the bell. They often pair with mobile devices to send notifications to users when necessary. Also, its a DIY option to secure your home.

Once a motion detector identifies a person, alerts you via the app through a mobile notification. For instance, if the homeowner replies to an alert, they can see the unknown person on their property. Also, they can speak through the camera, and even they can set a siren to scare them off the property.

Sirens are important since they can alert both homeowners and neighbours to a break-in. Similarly, it lets the burglar know that both you and your neighbours are aware of their presence. There is no home that wouldn’t be made safer by the presence of an outdoor siren.

Furthermore, some doorbells allow you to control the sensitivity of the PIR sensor as well.

How to secure your home: Access Control Systems

How to secure your home : Access Control Systems
Secure your building with access control systems

Access Control System can control who can access your property and can do much to decrease the security risk. These include keyless entry and tracking access by a person or vehicle.

The present access systems available in the market include,

  • Proximity card readers
  • Swipe cards
  • Finger scan
  • Keycode access control
  • Wireless remote control

Moreover, integrated key fobs and proximity readers can give you keyless entry and access anywhere in the home and surrounding grounds. And most of these access control systems can incorporate with home alarm systems, CCTV Cameras and video doorbells.

When approaching your home, you press the first button on your key fob to open the main gate. Then, pressing the second button opens the garage door, the third deactivates the security. After that, the release the access door into the home and activates by switching on lighting, air conditioning. With a system such as this, coming home will always be a pleasure.

Now you have a taste for what safekeeping solutions are available to you. So it’s time to tailor a package that suits your home and family. If you need a hand putting together a suite of security solutions, help is here SpyVision Australia