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Pubs, Clubs, Gaming and Liquor stores should all implement a CCTV system to help protect both staff and patrons. In most local councils it is a requirement to have CCTV cameras installed if you have a liquor and music licence. Venue owners or managers should contact their local council to ensure they know their obligations.

Nightclubs and pubs have a legal responsibility to ensure their guests, customers and facilities are safe and secure. Liquor licensing laws require nightclub owners to have security cameras and burglar alarm systems installed.

Spy Vision is expert at fitting nightclubs and venues out with CCTV surveillance systems, alarms, security cameras, IP wireless cameras, access control systems, IP access control, intercoms, video analytics and alarm monitoring.

At busy times, when traffic flow is hectic, unwanted guests sometimes slip past the security personnel at the entrance.

Spy Vision has the widest variety of cameras so it is no doubt you will find the right product for either your small office, or even large company.

Sporting the highest collection of residential/industrial CCTV camera systems in Melbourne. Major Company’s and Businesses across all spectrums with superior needs have sorted our expertise.
For over 10 years, we have serviced many industries including; government offices, restaurants, warehouses, retail, clubs, pubs, doctor’s clinics, hospitals, schools.
Installation from a single camera or to a major security CCTV system, with extensive knowledge every installation has professional results.

Our fantastic range of cameras include:

  • Fisheye (360° degrees) cameras → offering 360° coverage!
  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras → Superb in dark or low visibility areas.
  • Vandal-resistant cameras

Many of our cameras have built-in motion detection. CCTV cameras can be synchronised to raise an alarm automatically.
Australian businesses will find Spy Vision is one of the leading monitoring service on the market today with the latest CCTV technology. Our team will be delighted to design and install your commercial CCTV camera system professionally with very competitive pricing

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24 x 7 Alarm Monitoring

Back-to-Base monitoring is a service that can be added to your new or existing security system that takes the pressure away from your neighbours to notify authorities when your alarm sirens activate.

Mobile Patrol 2 Guards

Request a free Mobile Patrol security quote here?

Fast installation, licensed installers

Tell us what you want to monitor, and we’ll tell you the best HD security cameras setup to achieve it.

Our licensed installers will plan your entire system, and they’ll install it quickly and without fuss. And naturally, we’ll be here to support it, should you have any problems.

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