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Colleges and schools have resulted in rapid growth in terms of using various security measures, most notably closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. Utilising semi-structured interviews and non-participant observation this research examines how CCTV is used in schools, explores the way this facilitates social control and considers the wider implications of such surveillance technology. It is said that this technology, which is predominantly focused on students, is effective in facilitating direct observation. It is concluded that CCTV use in schools represents a significant improvement in security.

Student Safety – Once a child arrives at school, whether they walk, cycle, travel by bus or are dropped off, parents expect their safety to be a priority. However, as the number of students attending each school continues to increase, the likelihood of incidents, crime and violence sadly also rises. CCTV surveillance systems are excellent deterrents against incidents occurring during school hours, whether that is bullying, unauthorised access, or vandalism.

Teacher Safety – Staff safety is equally important, and everyone has the right to feel safe and secure during working hours. CCTV cameras, alongside Remote Access Systems, give teachers peace of mind that the only individuals on-site are the people that should be, without concern about intruders and can concentrate on the needs of their students in the class.

Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour – Unfortunately, schools still regularly fall victim to vandalism and theft onsite, particularly over the weekends and holidays when the school is usually unmanned. CCTV systems that are focused on problem areas such as sports equipment sheds, cycle storage areas and any external outbuildings that lie away from the main building, act as a great deterrent against opportunistic thieves and vandals.

Additionally, schools can be hot areas for anti-social behaviour from drug dealing and alcohol-related incidents through to being popular areas for rough sleepers and occasionally, trespassing traveller communities, who can be difficult to remove from the premises once they have set up camp.

CCTV systems alone will ensure you are able to provide recorded evidence of a break-in or active vandalism however, remote monitoring services from Farsight can take your security from purely reactive to proactive.

Authorised Visitors Only – Student and teacher safety begins when you can see who enters and exits the premises, making sure that they have proper authorisation and are not trespassing on the property. Many parental concerns lie in how easy it is for people to walk on-site at school without any problems, calling into question the safety of their children when at school.

Security cameras can provide the perfect solution to prevent unauthorised people from entering the site and keep a record of any students leaving the school grounds without permission. CCTV allows you to monitor individuals entering the school premises, and anyone who raises suspicion can then be alerted to other staff or, where necessary, emergency services.

Emergency Situations – Schools are becoming increasingly aware of emergency situations that call for students to be evacuated in a timely manner. While circumstances such as active shooters aren’t common in the UK, threats of a bomb scare, students carrying knives and other violent alterations have been reported across multiple UK schools in the past year.

In situations like these, students might become separated from teachers and end up turning away from the safest evacuation route in the building. Security surveillance cameras will identify problem areas throughout day-to-day monitoring and allow schools to make necessary adjustments to ensure a quick and efficient evacuation. Used in combination with footfall heatmaps, schools can plan evacuation routes around heavily used or tightly spaced areas and remotely monitor exits to ensure they are always kept clear.

Safeguarding the wellbeing of staff and students in educational environments is a priority. A well installed security system is essential to ensure the safety of Pupils across the entire school.
Modern educational properties are facing a range of challenges when it comes to creating safe learning environments. These days vandalism, violence and bullying are all too common in schools across the country. Educational facilities which have CCTV security systems in place are far more likely to resolve these issues mentioned above.

The Benefits of School Video Surveillance
Spy Vision provides a diverse range of video security solutions for schools that can offer a variety of benefits. The CCTV systems we provide are simple, easy to install and, with our team of specialists and your knowledge of the property, we will be able to install video cameras in the areas where antisocial or criminal issues tend to develop. Once installed, these cameras will record anything that occurs, but they will also act as a deterrent, to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Our System can also broadcast footage via a secure internet connection, allowing you to see what the camera can see, with minimum lag or disruption. As this is a secure online transmission, however, only people with the relevant permission can access it.

A major issue for educational facilities is the monitoring and control of visitors to the school. By introducing CCTV for schools at entrance doors and other access points, you can help your administrative staff monitor visitors and ensure that they are properly signed in, whilst sill allowing your students to move freely around the campus.

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