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Security CCTV for Schools and Collages

What you need to know about school security 


With continued technological advancements, schools are increasingly investing in CCTV Security systems. These systems provide an added layer of security for both students and staff and allow for monitoring and tracking of suspicious activity. These systems are also helpful in crime prevention as they allow law enforcement to have access to footage that can be used to identify potential suspects. In addition, CCTV Security systems can be used to monitor who enters and exits the school and can be set up to sound an alert if anyone enters or exits at an unauthorized time. 


School CCTV
Why You need a CCTV Surveillance System in a School or in a College

School CCTV security covers a wide range of surveillance and monitoring techniques used to protect students and staff. It can include video surveillance, identification access control, and audio monitoring. Video surveillance provides a visual means of monitoring and recording activity on school grounds. Identification access control is used to restrict access to certain areas of the school, such as classrooms and administrative offices.

By installing CCTV cameras, schools can monitor the activity of their students, staff and visitors and ensure their safety. CCTV cameras can also act as a deterrent, helping to deter would-be offenders from attempting any nefarious activities or vandalizing school property.