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Looking to install an alarm system in your home? Need to rig your office with a commercial security camera installation? Want CCTV coverage for your residence? Well, if your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you’re at the right place. Spy Vision is one of the best security installation services in Australia that have been in the business for over a decade. We’ve optimized the process to be convenient, accessible, and reliable for all our customers. Here’s all you need to know about our process and what you need to do to hire our services.

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Step 1 – Describe the Requirements

The very first thing that we need from our clients is a descriptive explanation of what they’re looking for. No two security cameras installation are alike, even though they appear to be similar in nature there are always some differences in them and we need to find out from our customers what exactly are their requirements before we offer them the best solutions. Once we gather the information’s, back in our office, we will map out an ideal and cost-effective, state of the art system which will cater to your requirement. We will also recommend the best system for your installation. Spy Vision works with some of the top-tier security system vendors in the world like Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung, and Bosch Solutions.

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Step 2 – Property Plans

After deciding which is the ideal security camera installation you need, it’s also imperative that we know a bit more about your house and its structure to understand the complexity of the installation process. This will assist us in understanding the time needed for installation, how many workers need to be assigned to your job, the quantity of cameras/alarms, and other logistics of the installation. This is more important in cost to make the job a win-win for both parties.

Step 3 – Get the Quote

Once we gather all the necessary information from you, we will give you a no-commitment quote for our services and products. This means, that even if you decided not to proceed with Spy Vision, we will not charge you anything for our effort. This quote will include the cost for hardware, labour, and other necessary requirements if any, from the customers end to complete the security system installation. However, we highly encourage talking to multiple vendors to find the most affordable kind of services. But, we can assure you, that you will get the best service and product for your money by having Spy Vision Australia as your customized security provider.

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Step 4 – Confirmation

Once you are happy with the price and the hardware we provide, all that is left is to give us the green light to go ahead with a simple reply saying “like to proceed” to our email sent to you with the quote. After we received your approval, we will set up a date for the security system installation, and our certified technicians will visit your office/home on that specific date to complete the job.

There’s no rocket science involved in the process. It’s fairly straightforward, but it is optimized to ensure that we’re giving the most utmost level of convenience and reliability to our customers. So, what are you waiting for? Give Spy Vision a call today and hire one of the best security system installation services in Australia!

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